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Re: Iron Test

> I don't know about the Sera test, but I had a similar problem with a
> Red Sea iron test. I got zero readings from both tank and tap water,
> even after adding iron-rich fertilizer to the tank for several days.
> It turns out that several iron test kits cannot measure chelated iron.
> The iron must be in Fe++ form to be measured. I solved my problem with
> the Seachem iron test kit. It measures chelated iron but the reagent/
> water mix must be left "aging" for a few hours until the color develops.
> The instructions say that 45 min. should be enough though.

I don't know how it works chemically, but the LaMotte kit only needs 3-4
minutes.  Putting one drop of PMDD (diluted to half strength) into the
test kit vial instantly turns the indicator solution blood-red.  So, I
whole-heartily recommend the LaMotte kit.  Others on this list use this
one as well.  I think George Booth uses it.  The kit # is model P-62,
code 7787.


Kelly Beard, Cat IV (on sabbatical)
President, Allanti Cycling Club
Innovative Computing Corporation