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Nitrate test kit problem

I too have experienced problems with test kits. While experimenting with
PPDD I searched out a nitrate test kit that would determine low levels of
I went for the Red Sea Minilab Nitrate kit. Much to my delight the tank
water read 0ppm so in went the drops. I kept monitoring the nitrate and it
remained at 0ppm so I upped the nitrate. Out of curiosity (and being a
chemistry teacher ) I made up a few standard solutions of potassium nitrate.
To my horror even at 60ppm the kit read 0!!
I took the solutions to my local dealer who was also curious and tested them
with other kits made by API and Interpret. Both gave correct readings and
the kit was exchanged.
Little compensation as I then had to deal with a bad outbreak of green
Since then I have where possible checked the accuracy of the kits I use.

Finally a big thanks to all who replied to my posting for info on Cyperus
helferi, very useful and it is now a major planting in my Amano style tank.

Richard Rajski, UK.