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Re: Requirement for Crypt

Lim wrote:

>      I went crypt. collecting last weekend and I have collected some crypt.
> that have leaf that is green on the top but red at the bottom. The leaf is
> heart shape and the stalk is slightly reddish, Can anyone tell me what
> crypt is that and what is the requirement for the crypt. to survive.

It isn't usually possible to identify Crypts from leaf form and color
alone.  That said, the plant might be C. cordata.  My only source on the
plant is Rataj and Horeman, so I'm hesitant to say more.

Ok, enough hesitation...

C. cordata is a fairly large Crypt, with leaves up to 40 cm.  It ranges
from the southern Malaysian penninsula across Indonesia to Borneo and is
found mostly in deep shade where little else will grow.  They say that in
aquaria it prefers higher light but it develops its best leaf colors under
low light.  They provide a few other cultural details that I doubt are
actually true.

Roger Miller