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Re: Chloramines

> Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 20:13:18 -0700
> From: Tom Barr <tcbiii at pacbell_net>
> Subject: Chloramines
> Sorry, I just can't stop but have to comment on this.
> Amquel works extremely well when used per directions. My tap water is
> very much like SF's water and we have had chloramine added to our water
> for several years now and it is not a problem. I do 25-60% changes
> weekly and use the Amquel only and both fish and plants are very happy.


> My
> plants have always grown much better right after a large water change.
> Many times I surely over dosed the Amquel and never noticed any negative
> effect ever. Water changes=happy plants,stable hardness,trace
> elements,low waste in water column,less algae and happy fish.
> Regards,
> Tom Barr                    AGA

This response from Tom is exactly what I was looking for when I made my
original post on the worry about "Amquel" o/e starving the plants. My
plants are often on the ragged edge for a variety of reasons. I'm
certainly not the aquatic green-thumber that Tom is. [I also might have
starved them from low micronutrients for I was probably also using
"Novaqua" during much of the observation period, and adding no

I'm relieved that my tentative observation was groundless, for "Amquel"
is the for-sure safe thing for fish in these days of increasing
chloramine. Thanks much, Tom, for relieving us.


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