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Re: Sick tank

Hi all,

I know what I'm abt to ask may not be so relevant to the APD, but I'm dumbfounded
abt an epidemic outbreak of an unknown disease (or something)  in my planted

Last Sunday, I tried out, for the first time, adding Dennerle's Pflazengold 7 to my
95 gal tank. They were in capsule form and dissolves in water. All my fishes
(cardinals, neons, emperor tetra, corys) were happily feeding on the undissolved
powder that came out from the capsules. Afew hours later, they had white excretion.

At the same time, I added 2 new fishes (emperor tetras) to the tank, and within the
next 24 hours, both died. They apparently had some whitish ulcerative lesions on
their bodies and on their lower jaws. The jaws couldn't be closed. The lesion grew
very rapidly.

It is slightly more than a week now and I've lost more than 20 assorted fishes,
which included my entire collection of emperor tetras (7). There are some points I
like to note:

1.    From the development of whitish lesions on their bodies to their deaths, it is
rapid and it took less than 24 hrs.
2.    No more than two fishes get them at the same time. Only when these 2 die will
another one or two more show the signs.
3.    This is a third outbreak. The first was when the tank was new, the second was
when I agitated the substrate fertilizer when  I was transplanting and this time I
used a new fertilizer. Is this coincidental with the disease outbreak, or could
fertilizers be the cause?

I've taken some pics of a sick emperor tetra, right up to its death. They are
located in the following links:


Would someone kindly pop over and take a look at these pics and tell me what the
disease is? Is it bacterial/viral/protozoal etc? Or could it be an overdose of
Flazengold 7 (I used lower than recommended dose)?

I'll appreciate this very much if someone can provide me with an answer. Thanks a

Kenny Poh