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Sorry, I just can't stop but have to comment on this.
Amquel works extremely well when used per directions. My tap water is
very much like SF's water and we have had chloramine added to our water
for several years now and it is not a problem. I do 25-60% changes
weekly and use the Amquel only and both fish and plants are very happy.
      Chlorine added to source water reacts to form
Trihalomethanes(formaldhyde etc.) with organic that are present in the
water during pre and post filtration processes. The chloramine solves
this problem of the carcinogenic chemicals from entering the water
supply. Folks at the utilities aren't to happy about switching over
either but they have to to meet the new standards(Do we really want to
drink formaldahyde?). Ammonia lost is not an issue unless you over dose.
Perhaps over feeding could compensate the loss if this did occur? My
plants have always grown much better right after a large water change.
Many times I surely over dosed the Amquel and never noticed any negative
effect ever. Water changes=happy plants,stable hardness,trace
elements,low waste in water column,less algae and happy fish.
Tom Barr                    AGA