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Re: Pros and Cons on the APD

I posted a short note this week-end requesting the input of any 'pros' out
there.  In response to that, there was a posting from someone who went to
great lengths to inform all of us that he is not a pro and knows nothing of
the product in question.

I would like to make it understood (via the dictionary of course) that when
the term 'pro' is utilized, it can mean someone who is paid to do a
professional service and it can also mean someone who is an expert, though
not necessarily remunerated for the expertise.

I think that most people on the APD will agree with me that Karen Randall is
a pro in both senses of the word.  She writes for AFM, TAG, Aquarium
Frontiers, gives lectures, helps to set up aquariums in class rooms to teach
children and probably more, but I don't know about it.  Furthermore she
shares her expertise generously and free of charge to those of us who have
various questions on the APD.  Then there are George Booth, Paul Krombholtz,
Steve Pushak, James Purchase and others whose names do not immediately come
to mind.

The 'con' part of the title of this post refers to a contrary individual who
clearly got out the wrong side of the bed this morning, or worse.  I don't
think anyone participating on this list appreciates the type of posting made
by this unnamed individual.  We like to keep things friendly, participate in
world-wide comradery by being both helpful and supportive of everyone who
communicates on this list.  It's too bad that you (and you know who you are)
have no information on the product in question.  However, if you are as
friendly in person as you were in your letter, I have no difficulty in
understanding why.

G. Kadar