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purple waffle

On Sun, 11 Apr 1999, Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:
>      My local Petsmart is now offering a plant called "Purple Waffle".  
> The undersides of each leaf are purple.  The main stem of the plant is 
> prickly,
> similar to Okra, tomatoes, etc, many terrestrial plants and vegetables.  
> Does anyone know the scientific name of this plant?  Is it aquatic?
>      I have also noticed "Aluminum Plants" available from time to time.  The 
> leaves
> of this plant have silvery patches of color near the center.  Does anyone have
> experience with either of these plants?

I have tried this in my tanks and it died.  Then I found out that it is
not a true aquatic plant and can't live submersed for long periods of
time.  It is a tresterial palnt and thee roots start to rot and then the
whole plant dies.  It is trully beautiful but doesn't work in a planted