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Adding Ottos/shrimp right away?

Greetings all...

It is my understanding that the addition of certain fish and
invertebrates (namely, algae-consuming critters) immediately after the
filling of a new, heavily planted aquarium is good practice to avoid an
outbreak of algae. I too agree with this argument, but I'm wondering how
much of a negative effect, if any, this may have on the health of those
critters introduced. After all, the chemistry and biology of a new tank
is going to be in flux for the initial few days until the beneficial
microorganisms establish themselves and do their jobs.

My question is this: If one were to introduce Ottos and Yamato shrimp
immediately upon completion of the new tank (literally right after
filling), are these critters subjected to stressful biogeochemical
situations, or are they considered hardy enough to persevere? Also, at
what point would it be safe to add fish such as characins? As soon as
the tank stabilizes? I'm aware that the plants will quickly balance the
chemistry of the tank once they strike root and pearl, given optimum
conditions, but at what point will the role of the new filter's bacteria
come into play? For the record, my new tank will have plenty of VHO
tubes, CO2, Eheim thermofiltration, a small RIO powerhead, and hoards of
plants in a Flourite substrate.

Thanks for any insights. Also thanks to all who have replied to my
queries as of late- your help has educated me immensely.

Morgan Gerk
Milwaukee, WI