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Caridina japonica

Yesterday, I went in search of the elusive Yamato-numa-ebi, or Caridina 
japonica.  Surprisingly, I found them at the first store that I went to!  So, 
for all of you bay area people here in the lovely California, I got them at 
"The Aquarium" in Concord, CA.  The address is:

Good Guys Plaza
1280 Willow Pass Rd.
Concord, CA 94520
HRS: M-F: 11-8, S-S: 11-6 

The store itself is pretty neat- they have nice fish tanks and there are 
always lots of people there just looking at the fish.  The plant selection is 
not too great (read that as bad), which is funny because the plant guy is 
apparently an Amano fan- and that is why they have the shrimp (they told me 
at the store that "the plant guy made us get them.  Those are THE shrimp- 
those hoy hoy ones that everyone wants.")