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RE: Nature Aquarium Imports and ADA products

Tom Brennan was kind enough to give me a lead to a possible Canadian source
for ADA products. Thanks Tom, but as I told you in a private e-mail, I think
Henry at DAD's is in worse shape that I am, having had his credit card
billed but no product shipped to him. At least they never charged me for
non-existing products.

It seems that NAI is in the process of self destruction. They only had one
full time employee, Cynthia Powers (no, not the same C.P. as our list-mom),
who recently left the company. All of the others have full time jobs and
were totally unable to cope with the needs of a young, growing company once
Cynthia left. Makes me kind of question their business abilities in the
first place, but that issue is moot at this point in time. It takes more
than personality and the ability to talk a good line to run a successful
business, and they just didn't seem to have it.

NAI does have, or is about to have, new owners. I received an e-mail from a
guy named Jorge Iglesias who claims to be one of the new owners. He, and
apparently a few others, are attempting to see if they can salvage anything
from the business. I wish him luck.

The whole ADA "mantra" has attracted a lot of attention, but again, it takes
solid business sense to translate that into a proper business. Prompt
shipping of products and answering e-mail messages from concerned customers
is a very important thing in this day and age.

There will aparently be several alternative sources for Amano products in
the US within a few weeks.

As a side note, does anyone remember the chuckles we had a few months ago
concerning the Plocher System? New Age mumbo jumbo about "energized oxygen"
and "modulated vibrational energy"???
(http://www.penac.com/PProducts.nsf?OpenAbout). Well, it seems that Amano is
the Japanese distributor for Plocher products. It wouldn't surprise me to
see some of this "methodology" work its way into Amano's product line. The
man should stick to aquascaping and photography.

James Purchase