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re: "Lateriite"

Robert H wrote:

> Ok guys, I realize my quest is a personal one and
> I dont expect anybody else to have any interest. But
> three people said there was prehistoric laterite in
> North America. So all I ask is that you give me the
> name of a location, a state, a city, a county, a province,
> anything!
I would like to know why this is important to you.

> It shouldnt be that difficult for you. In the USA
> every town and county keeps soil samples.
If you know this much,  surely you can find out where laterite
comes from

>I can then  find out if there is any laterite at that location
> by going to a number of sources. Large universities have
> very well know geological research departments, theres one
> in every state.
You really know how to exploit sources don't you.

>  James perhaps you could tell me the largest university in
> British Columbia. If the education system in Canada is even
> only half what it is in the USA, their geological research
> department ought to know if there is any laterite in their
> own back yard. Dont you think?  Just a name, thats all I need.
> Robert H

Robert I think it is time for you to recognize that on your web site
( http://www.aquabotanic.com/ ) there is an article posted by you
on laterite ( http://www.aquabotanic.com/asf_latr.html ) along
with several other articles authored by you and articles authored
by several  _real_  experts in the industry.

What exists on this list is a sense of community and I would like
to believe honest characters,  not characters.  This post is perhaps
the first post of yours in which you havn't included a reference
link to your website in your sig.

It appears to me that your web site is the beginnings of a
commercial venture.  While there is nothing wrong with a commercial
venture,  this list forbids cross poliniating such ventures with this
list's overal purposes.  And there is something humanly wrong
with your approach to gathering information on this list for your
"personal" use. Yor approach boarders on dishonesty or at least
a lack of complete truth about the purpose to your queries.  It would
seem that your "personal quest"  is really a business quest.  If this is
so, you should indicate that up front to all those which may attempt in
good faith and innocence to respond to you.

As far as your current quest for information on laterite goes as I
mentioned in my earlier post, there is nothing inherently new on it,  it is
inherently old,  and I think that someone with enough energy such as
yourself should well,  ... dig for it!  And for your next "personal quest",
( perhaps it will be algae or something ) please indicate up front what
your intent is in using, indeed exploiting the information you receive
for business purpose.

Sereously,  Robert,  come clean with who you are and what your
real purpose is with this list and the people on it.  To me you are
different from all those "newbies" whcih came before you.  You are
not innocently asking questions.  You must come clean on what is
the relationship between your activitys on this list and your site.

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net