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decaying Java moss?

In my new plant tank, I used an idea of stapling Java moss to cork
board at the back of the tank.  It looks great and really adds depth to
the tank.  However, the moss in the initial current coming from the
powerhead is dying - I think.  It is turning brown and looks like its
  This is in the top inch and a half of water and DIY CO2 is dispersed
here.  There are two 20W fluorescent tubes (Sylvania Daylight and Design
50) on this twenty gal. tank.  I was thinking maybe there is to much
light for the Java moss, but I doubt it.
  Is there anything I can do to stop this other than removing the moss?
I would like to keep the moss there, but I will take it down if there is
no hope.

I hope all the knowledge and experience on this list can help. TIA.

Jason Miller
Sherwood Park, AB