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Ok guys, I realize my quest is a personal one and I dont expect anybody
else to have any interest. But three people said there was prehistoric
laterite in North America. So all I ask is that you give me the name of
a location, a state, a city, a county, a province, anything! It shouldnt
be that difficult for you. In the USA every town and county keeps soil
samples.  I can then find out if there is any laterite at that location
by going to a number of sources. Large universities have very well know
geological research departments, theres one in every state. James
perhaps you could tell me the largest university in British Columbia. If
the education system in Canada is even only half what it is in the USA,
their geological research department ought to know if there is any
laterite in their own back yard. Dont you think?  Just a name, thats all
I need.

Robert H