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Re: VHO ballasts

Hey, all...

The article that is being referred to in this thread is "Reef Lighting
at a Fraction of the Cost" and can be found on page 126 of the April
1999 issue of FAMA.  The article was discussing using NO fluorescent
tubes with specifically an Icecap ballast and getting nearly the same
output as a VHO tube on the same ballast while maintaining service life
of several years with little to no color shift or loss of light
intensity.  The "evidence" presented was pretty sketchy, with no hard
numbers being given, or any description of the method used to determine
the amount of light being produced.  Basically all it claimed (that is
pertinent to this discussion) was that the people at Icecap had done
some tests and had discovered that their ballasts ran NO bulbs far
brighter than a standard ballast.  I find this a little hard to believe,
as I've run NO tubes with my Icecap 660 and my VHOs are much, much
brighter, at least to the naked eye.  If this is the case, that would be
great, but I'll remain skeptical until I see the results of a proper
scientific study.

Justin Collins, in Bellingham, WA, where the weather can't seem to make
up it's mind.