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Nature Aqurium Imports

James Purchase wrote............
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 15:03:23 -0400
From: "James Purchase" <jpurch at interlog_com>
Subject: Nature Aquarium Imports

Several days ago, I asked the list if anyone was waiting for products from
Nature Aquarium Imports (the U.S. Distributor for ADA products from Japan).
On the 6th of March, I placed an order via their web-site, which was
confirmed by Art Giacosa, the principal of the company. He advised me weeks
ago that my order would ship "tomorrow". The products I ordered were (and
are) listed on the web-site as available and would ship in 24-48 hours.

Well, it seems like "tomorrow" never comes. I'm beginning to feel like
"Little Orphan Annie". ;-)



Call Henry at  Dad's FishRoom.  They have ADA products at:

They are straight shooters and Canadian to boot!