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Aponogeton Ulvaceus <<<<<

Greetings friends.

Today, after looking in the aquariums of Buenos Aires, i acquired a bulb of
Aponogeton Ulvaceus (Tropica # 086), or that seems to be, since single is
the bulb as large as a cork covered with thousand of roots of dark brown
color and three green stems of 10cm of length and 2 mm wide that leave by
one the ends of the bulb.
I suppose that  will be this plant in the future

I do not know which is the correct form to plant it in my aquarium of 200l,
PH 5.8 GH 5D, 30C, 4 Discus adult, 3? Tetras Cardinal and Gilded to a
Pl*costomus Punctatum = >24cm, 2 young Botias Macrachanta. My aquarium is
moderately planted with ferns and other aquatic plants. I add in weekly form
FloraPride Tetra and the illumination is in charge of two fluorescent of 30W
Aqua-Glo Hagen.
The substratum is gravel 8cm.
Filtration: UGF = PoweHead 402 Hagen + Magnum 250 + Bio Wheel Pro 30.

Please help me, all  suggestions are welcomes.



Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA.