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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #957

Jon Wilson wrote:

>If a K problem is rectified, will the old leaves normally heal? I am trying
>to decide if I should trim the effected leaves, or not. I lot of these
>anubia.* leaves are quite old (and LARGE), I'd hate to lose them, but if it
>helps the plant recover faster...

The holes can not heal , but the yellow areas may become green again, where
the tissue hasn't died.  I would recommend leaving the leaves there.  They
are still capable of contributing to the plant's net photosynthesis, and
removing them would not help the plant recover any faster.  Potassium is a
mobile element in plants and is carried to all parts.  When the plant is
deficient in potassium, it moves what it has from the older leaves to the
growing tip and the younger leaves.

Paul Krombholz, wondering if he will survive the semester in already warm
and humid central Mississippi.