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Ruffled Sword Flower?

I was wondering if anyone could take a look at a picture of this thing growing off my
ruffled sword and tell me what it is.  I stuck it on a web page, so it is the picture
at the bottom of the page of

I think this may be a flower, but I am not sure.  If it is, should I do anything, or
just let it go?  The cause of the growth of this thing, may be the drastic pruning
that I did around it.  It wasn't doing well outgrowing the hygrophilia, so I moved
plants around and groomed a bit.  There is a WHOLE lot more light getting to the base
of the sword.  Before, the only way it got any light, was to drape a leaf across the
tops of the other plants and the base was in dark shadow.  My other water parameters
haven't changed any.  Same light, CO2, hardness, fish load, fertilization, etc.  Oh,
I guess the parameter of time did change, and the plant may have tapped into the
laterite under the gravel.  I think swords have large root bases, so it probably has
been down in the laterite for the last few months.

On another note:
There was a person wondering about what 4-leaf clover starts to look like after it
has grown submerged for a while.  I took a picture of mine after it I saw the
message, but never got around to sticking it on a web page.  The three pictures at
the bottom of the following page were taken of some marsilea crenata (sp?) that was
planted the start of January.  The pictures were taken March 17th.

Please forgive the poor photography, but the first (free!) digital camera was awful
at taking pictures of an aquarium.  I then borrowed a friend's really expensive and
nice digital camera, but I wasn't really good at taking the pictures.  I think the
pictures get better as I learned how to use the camera, but I could never get the
fish to hold still to get their picture taken!  Lucky for me the plants weren't going
anywhere :)  Are digital cameras notorious for having slow shutter speeds?

The web site is also in major construction, so there is no descriptions of anything,
just pictures.  I love having a digital camera and I have gone crazy photographing
stuff.  A diary of tank parameters will be added at some point soon, along with a
description of my setup.

Thank you for any advice or critism,

Jennifer Glover
Waldorf, MD 

"The only reason people want to be masters of the future is to change the past." M.