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Dealing with chloramine

As a planted tank fish keeper who will have to deal with chloramine treated
water in a couple of years I have some questions.  Clearly one can use
sodium thiosulfite to bind the chlorine, releasing ammonia.  The problem
comes with binding the ammonia.  If a binder is added in excess, it will
not only bind the ammonia from the chloramine in the new water, it will
bind ammonia produced in the tank, resulting in nitrogen deprivation by the
plants.   So:

1.  What should be used to bind the ammonia?
2.  After that process is complete, is there an easy way to bind the excess
ammonia binder?
3.  What about removing the ammonia biologically (with PLANTS!)?
4.  Any other suggestions?

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco            mailto:gomberg at wcf_com