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RE: laterite (Oh no, that THAT again....)

Robert H discovers laterite...

The archives of the APD are full of laterite postings - we've coved the
topic to exhaustion on numerous occasions. Run a search...

As for there being no laterite in the United States, well that's just not
true. What is true is that laterite is formed due to tropical weathering
over geologic time (read thousands and tens of thousands of years). While
today, in the last milliseconds of the 20th Century, most of North America
enjoys a temperate climate, that was not always the case. Millions of years
ago, even the area surrounding the North Pole was tropical (coral fossils
have been found in the high Arctic, and where do you think the oil in Alaska
comes from???). The area where I grew up, in northern Nova Scotia, was once
a lush tropical jungle - gosh, they have recently discovered that the town I
was born in is built over an ancient forest where the trees have been
fossilized in place (standing).

During those millions of years, there have been many areas in North America
which have had climatic conditions suitable for the formation of lateritic
soils. One major difference might be that those soils are probably now
overlain with newer deposits which are much more fertile, having formed
under different geological and climatic conditions.

so to answer your question about Substrate Gold and the other North American
sourced laterite products - there is laterite to be found in North America.
Many posts can be found in the archives attesting to the quality of
Substrate Gold.

James Purchase