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Zebra Pleco, Yamato numa-ebi

	Well, I am really considering getting the zebra pleco... Here is my
only remaining concern:
	I have a few corys and I feed them sinking pellets and they also
collect whatever they can find on the bottom, blood worms, flake, brine
shrimp, etc. Despite all the food that is potentially available to the
corys, they are practically starving. Why? Because the Yamato numa-ebi are
complete and total PIGS! They snatch everything from all the other fish -
even the angels! The shrimp don't seem to get the brine shrimp as well as
the pellets, probably because they spread out a lot more. Does anyone else
have this problem? So, I am afraid that this timid little pleco would never
get anything to eat because the shrimp would devour it before he found it.
And, I don't want to totally cover the bottom with food because my SAE's
and shrimp would never eat algae (which there is plenty of in my tank right
now). Any thoughts would be wonderful.

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