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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #954

>> Karen Randall wrote:

> Dave Gomberg wrote:

>> When we went out at night, fish actually jumped into the
>> canoes.  Our lights would catch the eyes of Caimans in the
>> water and Tarantulas in the trees.  I'll tell you, people pick up
>> their feet REALLY FAST when a small caiman is inadvertently
>> dropped in the bottom of the canoe!<g>

> Birdie was a chick, size from hand for scale.   Caiman was
> huge, maybe 10 feet. Mouth about 2 feet long.


When I first saw your comment, not knowing what a caiman was
I just assumed it was a small lizard.  After seeing Dave's picture
( http://www.wcf.com/wcf/25053756.JPG ),  I think if a caiman
jumped in the boat,  I'd jump out!

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net