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hanna pH checker

>Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999 14:06:13 -0700
>From: Sherlock Wong <wong at dt_wdc.com>
>Subject: PH Meter
>Does anybody have any user comments on the 
>Checker ph pen? It is around $50 from That Fish
>Place, and it is $35 direct from the manufacturer,
>They also have a pHep3 pen for $50, which has alot more
>Sherlock Wong


I bought this pH pen from Hanna about two years ago.  It works fine, 
and I got about a year of good service out of the probe.  I do 
recomend that you build a "soaker bottle" to store the probe tip in so 
that it stays wet ALL THE TIME.  I ruined mine by letting it dry out. 
Hanna provides a little "boot" that you are supposed to fill with 
storage solution and place over the probe tip.  This is suficient if 
you use the probe every day and replace the storage solution every 
day, but if you only test weekly or so, the solution will dry up and 
leave the probe dry (which damages it).  When my probe quit working 
properly (from being dried out), it began to drift slowly and no 
longer gave a decisive reading.  It also failed to callibrate at the 
same spot repeatedly (ie, it would read 7.0 in the 7 buffer, then 
after checking the tank pH it would read 6.4 in the same buffer).

Hope it helps,
Matthew Shaffer
NCSU Raleigh

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