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Tissue Analsys

Steve Pushak wrote:

> Did you know that there are links on my website
> that take you to University web pages where they
> offer tissue sample analysis and soil sample analysis
> for very low cost? Has anybody tried this yet??

Someday I'm going to do that too.  I'd recommend tissue analysis
to anyone having a persistent problem not responding to tradtional
correctional measures or as you say,  for fun.

I'd like to mention that only recenly I read a passage in the Tropica
catalog indicating that 9 of 10 aquatic plants are not true aquatics
but spend part of their time each year emersed.  Moreover,  it is during
their emersed period that they achieve most of their growth and have
a chance to build up a nutrient store for their time submersed.  So I
would expect tissue analysis to produce different results depending on
emersed / submersed status.

Do you have a recommended tissue analysis lab?

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net