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Pugnacious thread algae (and green water to boot)

Just a warning - this will probably be long before I'm done.

Just got off The Krib and read all that there was about this stuff, but
let me describe my current situation.  I'm experiencing a repeat of
thread algae in my tank.  But, let me start at the beginning.

A few weeks ago I got thread algae like gangbusters.  Single threads of
green algae that quickly attach themselves to glass.  I pulled the stuff
out with my hands, toothbrushes, you get the picture.  A few weeks
later, for some reason, it started to decline, but there's a twist -
cloudy water started to appear.  A diatom filter wouldn't pull it out. 
This cloudy water turned green.  Diatom filter still had trouble pulling
it out unless I used a flocculant (Accurel/F seems the best).  Green
water would return shortly after.
Oh yeah, water changes twice a week.  This goes on for a while until I
drop in on my LFS and he says that he will loan me his UV sterilizer,
except that it's out on loan.  When he mentioned the UV, I suddenly
remember the drunk Yale student :-) who used UV - it's the first thread
in the Krib on green water.  Being frustrated and impatient, I tell him
to sell me one, which he does (after actually discouraging me from doing
so!).  I set it up and let it run for several hours.  It was dark in the
room some hours later, lights were out, I checked the UV to make sure
it's actually on - it is, so I put 150 drops of Accurel/F in and get
ready for bed.  A little later, I pass by the tank, and with the lights
out, I notice that I can see in the tank!  I don't do anything and go to
bed.  Next morning, water is almost clear, I add a second dose of
Accurel/F.  A little while later, crystal clear.  I check the canister
filter - almost plugged up with junk!

Days after this, the water is still clear (although UV is still
running), however, thread algae has decided to make a comeback.  Here is
a run down of plants in my tank.

2 Aponegeton crispus
2 Barclaya Longifolia
2 bunches of Ludwigia repens
1 large bunch of Bacopa
Java Fern growing on driftwood
2 large bunches of Lloyellia (can't remember the name, slow grower stem
1 bunch of Rotala macrandra

Thread algae like to grow on all of these plants except the Barclaya,
and less so on the Rotala and Bacopa.

I'm kinda lost here.  I'm ready to go buy some gold barbs.  I've found
Ameca splendens on the web (forget about buying those or SAEs here in
nashville).  It's actually not growing as fast as before, but it's

Other data:
feed twice a day (and not a lot, at least I don't think so)
phosphates - unmeasurable according to Seachem test kit
nitrates - would be less than .25 ppm if I didn't add some via PMDD
iron < .1 ppm last time I checked (a couple days ago)
pH ~6.7, 4 dKH
220 watts of URI Aqua Suns, 12 hour photoperiod
Algae eaters consist of 7-8 otocinclus affinis, two American flagfish
Eheim 2217 canister, spraybar mounted vertically just above Eheim CO2

I bought a Eheim Liquidoser and am currently using their sample of fert.
up.  I'll add PMDD when it runs out.

Tank has 4" of fine gravel, with Dupla laterite in bottom third (this
tank is setup correctly.  I did my homework before I started!)

Any questions, suggestions, flames gladly received.