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Short Vals

Back around Christmas time, I purchased two Vals from Petsmart.  They were
both pretty small and only had two blades/leaves each.  Well now that I have
finally gotten my main plant tank going strong (ie: having to trim back to
swords, Cambomba, and H. polysperma every five days) I expected my vals to
start growing nice and tall...  Instead of growing tall, they are
propogating like mad, but are keeping relativly short leaves (3-6 inches).
One of the plants has developed two spiral leaves about 5" long (the longest
leaves on this plant) and a bunch of shorter, non-spiraled leaves.  The
other plant has two 6" leaves and then about 20-30 smaller leaves.  Does any
one know why my vals are growing out instead of up?  My tanks stats are:
-29 gallon
-2" of peat/sand covered by 1-2" of play sand as a substrate
-120 Watts of flouresent lighting (combination of Chroma 50s and
plant/aquarium bulbs) on for 12 hours a day
-DIY CO2 injection into a power head situated 3" above the substrate
-Water is 14ppm GH out of the tap, and then Dolometic Limestone and Baking
soda are added to bring the GH and KH up to around 100ppm

Thanks, Daniel
Daniel Boyer <dpboyer at axs2k_net>