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Re: zebra pleco

I have had my zebra for about 3 years now, in the first tank he was in it was 
a discus tank and he did great then I moved him to a 10 gallon about 1 year 
ago, the 10 gallon has an ug plate and an aquaclear mini for a filter and he 
is with 2 loaches and 10 tetras and I have no problems with him let. He eats 
flake food and I have caught him nibbling on the hairalgae that grows pretty 
fast in the tank. I do 1 water change every other month but the key I believe 
is the PH in the discus tank was 6.0 and the 10 gallon its 5.4 and I feel 
strongly that with a high ph than 6.5 they will die because after water 
changes he seems a little stressed until ph drops down in a couple of days.
  hope this helps a little denny.