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Pinpoint PH Monitors - minor warning

This may seem obvious, but it has only become apparent to me very recently.

For weeks my PH has been stable at 6.8-6.9, after calibrating my Pinpoint PH
monitor. Over the past two weeks, I noticed the PH gradually rising to
around 7.4. At the same time my meter started to show low battery.

Just got around to putting a new battery in the monitor and immediately the
PH shows as 6.4.

The moral of the cautionary tale is, if you run your monitor on battery
only - as soon as you see the low battery indicator, change the battery ! I
had actually altered my needle-valve slighly to compensate for the high

I suppose it also pays to keep a `wet` testkit available as well.

Andy Moore  -  andy at ascot_u-net.com

Treasurer/BBb Tuba Player Poulton-le-Fylde Brass Band
and Aquatic Plant/Discus collector