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Lilaeopsis mower???

I have been finding small chunks of my Lilaeopsis  floating on the surface of my
tank for awhile now. I don't think it is a health issue. It appears to be quite
healthy in other regards, it is spreading and has a healthy color to it.  I have
had it for a few months now so it could be still adjusting to submersed growth.
But if that were the case I would have expected to see browning and decay on the
leaves that drop off. Also I don't just find individual leaves, sometimes it is
a small clump or section of rhizome.  My prime suspect is the Zebra loach he
spends the most time at the scene of the crime.
Other suspects
Trio of flag fish
2 black and 1 striped khuli loaches
Malaysian  trumpet snails
pond and false rams horn snails(the reason I got the Zebra loach to begin with)
6 small characins (They may have the motive, revenge. I have had to release a
few of them after they got caught by my Aponogeton madagascarien.)
5 Amano shrimp
4 or 5 white clouds
2 pearl gouramis

The tank is an open topped 150 lit by 2 175 watt MH pendants. I am using the
tetra test kit for hardness. KH varies from 12 to 9 drops depending on time of
day and days since my last water change. GH is very  high, about 45 drops. I
lost track last time I tested.  I do not have an iron test kit, but after a
water change the water takes an orangeish tint. I have learned through my
lurking that I do have biogenic decalcification  going on, on my Vals and my
Lace plant.  I have ordered Dave Gombergs Co2 system so my chemistry will be
changing soon!!

Has anyone else seen this happening?