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DIY Yeast Disaster

I should have known I was jinxing myself when I said "the worst 
that could happen in my champagne yeast plus nutrients 
experiment was that I'd have to start a new bottle sooner than 
hoped."  Wrong.  

I had added malt extract to the basic yeast formulation, hoping to 
turbo charge the yeast CO2 production over a longer period of time. 
In a day or so, a whole lot of foam was produced in the bottle, far 
more than I'd ever seen before.  I figured this idea was really 
working!  But before long, things seemed awry in the tank.  The 
plants were not doing so well.  A funny brownish film covered the 
front of the tank (I haven't had an algae problem in years, and with 
4 watts/gal, brown algae didn't seem likely).  After about a week 
and a half, fish began to die.  I lost 4 cardinals, one serpae, and 
one oto in the space of 3 days.  One of the rummynoses developed 
what looks to be a tumor.  The foam still persisted in the DIY 
bottle, but little gas was being produced anymore.  I pulled the 
bottle, poured out the contents, and found that it was all slimey 
gunk rather than the usual liquid.  It didn't smell foul, but it wasn't 

I am guessing that the extra nutrients in the culture allowed 
bacteria to compete with the yeast, and that they were producing 
some undesirable gas which damaged the tank chemistry.  I've got 
a new bottle of yeast going sans malt extract, and it is bubbling 
normally.  The ugly brown film is gone, the plants are growing, the 
fish are not dying.  I don't think I'll mess with the basic formula 

Has anyone else had problems with contamination in their yeast 

Cathy Hartland
in Maryland where spring blossoms lighten the heart, and the rivers 
are calling to kayakers