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RE: Lace plant

Chris F. mentioned that his lace plant's leaves have started turning
brown. I've had this happen on occasion also in one of my plant tanks.
In other tanks they grow like mad with some leaves getting 4-5"w and
18-22"l. The light/ph of this tank seems to be the main differance. Ph
is around 6.9 in the good tank and it's lit with a vita and a triton at
2watts/gal, and a temp of 76 F . The water is very clean as is the
substrate.Cork is used in this tank also.
I first thought it might be temp related and this may be a factor(?)
too. The "bad" tank has 2-3 times the light, a ph of 6.3, rich
gravel/substrate, a temp of 80-83 F.There is good initinal growth then a
crash for SOME of the bulbs. Many bulbs do grow well and send flower
stalks up etc in this tank also.The ones that don't, mirror Chris's
plants. Afterwards, upon checking the area around the roots, I always
find a septic smelling rotting bulb that needs removal. The substrates
are same ,the fish, the light/ph/and the temp are the only real

     But suppose the bulbs are not properly kept/stored ? Perhaps these
bulbs aquired some fungus that needed some water and time to rot the
bulb ?

I have a hard time thinking that in might be a chemistry issue. The
light might be a good idea but then I've had good growth of some lace
plants and bad for others in the same tank at the same time. Some
"stronger bulbs" seemed to be able to stave off the brown rot when
other's were infected. These bulbs got infected also but to a much
lesser extent and eventually grew out fine.

Sort of a Crypt rot for Aponogetons. Perhaps Paul K. will have some
insight on this matter.
               Tom Barr           AGA