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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #950

	Thanks for everyone who replied... I don't think that I have an O2
problem (the plants are pearling all day long), but I can see that there
might be some lack of circulation - although, I have a mag 12 on my 180.
That makes the turnover about 5 times an hour, once you take into account
the resistance of the tubing and elbows and head pressure.
	I also have a high pressure CO2 system w/pH controller so I would
not really be too concerned about the [CO2], even if I am blowing off a
little bit extra.
	My real question is whether they will harm the plants directly, by
scraping them. I suppose that the temperature requirement is pretty high,
my tank is at 78 right now but I think that I could probably get away with
that since he has been kept at 78 in the aquarium store for the last 2

Alok Chaudhari

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