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Zebra Pleco

Take a look at Http://www.planetcatfish.com and read the articles under
Shanes world.
short summary
Zebra Plecos like conditions like Discus
Temp warm 82F  - not so good for plant tanks
High oxygen content - lots of surface movement - again not so good for
plant tank
Soft water
PH about 6.5
As to the wood, not all plecos are wood raspers - the zebra is a
carnivor that will occasionally snack on some veggies.  The wood would
only be a hiding place.  They prefer food like blood worms.  The fact
that they are a feature on the cover of algae waffer food containers is
a mistake propogated when they were first introduced to the hobby.

Chris Wells
cdwells at concentric_net

From: Alok Chaudhari <chaudhari.6 at osu_edu>
Subject: Zebra Pleco

        My LFS has a wonderful Zebra pleco for sale ($$$) and I was
wondering how these guys do in plant tanks. I hear that they are really
that interested in algae or plants and that their diet is more like a
than a pleco. Has anyone successfully (and happily) kept this beautiful
nocturnal fish in their plant tanks? I know that one of their only
requirements is some driftwood to rasp on... Please let me know!!