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zebra plecos!!!

i am by no means as omnicient as some members of this list, but i had a zebra 
i bought several years ago..think i paid 120.00 for it.  (hey, i was in love 
with plecos at the time)  it had a 75 gallon heavily planted tank to share 
with some really cute little loaches.  there was a huge piece of driftwood in 
the tank,too.  anyway, it died within a week or two....im not sure exactly  
how long it lasted cause it took me a while to find the little corpse.  they 
are beautiful fish though, and im sure with the input of everyone on the list 
you can keep one alive.  i wish i had this list back then!  good luck, robert 

 	My LFS has a wonderful Zebra pleco for sale ($$$) and I was
 wondering how these guys do in plant tanks. I hear that they are really not
 that interested in algae or plants and that their diet is more like a cory
 than a pleco. Has anyone successfully (and happily) kept this beautiful
 nocturnal fish in their plant tanks? I know that one of their only
 requirements is some driftwood to rasp on... Please let me know!! Thanks.
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