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Plant/Fish medication Compatibility

My plant tanks are prospering thanks to information absorbed from this
group.  My question is does anybody know or have links regarding fish
medication/plant tank compatibilities?  I know that having a separate
quarantine tank where the fish can be removed for treatment (and also
observed prior to introduction to the plant tank) can eliminate a large part
of the need for medication. (And regular tank maintenance and light stocking
of fish helps immensely also.)   However occasionally there may be diseases
that are better treated using medication in the tank. Typically, the
medications make no mention of whether or not plants will be affected (with
a few exceptions like copper sulfate) and I was wondering if anybody had any
"rule of thumb" advice, a black list of medications not to use,  and/or a
list of medications are compatible to plants.  Thanks.

Craig David
Long Beach, CA