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Re: Zebra Pleco

One LFS has about 6 or 8 in a fifty or so gallon aquarium with some
swords and lots of driftwood.  Another requirement (besides driftwood)
is high oxygen, so depending on how good your plants are a producing O2,
you may not want to add the zebras because you'll have to agitate the
surface.  This surface agitation will deplete the CO2 in you tank, which
is needed by your plants.  
  This only poses a problem if this is a *plant tank* because your
plants are the focus of the tank.  If it is a planted *fish tank* and
are not concerned with plant growth, then there is no problem.
  The zebra pleco, also like a high current, so a submersed powerhead,
or a good canister filter would be a good idea.

  For more info, why not check out the catfish list
(catfish at aquaria_net)

Jason Miller
Sherwood Park, AB