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RE: Noxious Plants

On Sun, 4 Apr 1999, Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

> Date: Sun, 04 Apr 1999 01:10:54 GMT
> From: ajreed at home_com (Andrea Reed)
> Subject: Noxious Plants
> I have seen the tag "noxious" applied to a few old standards (e.g. H.
> polysperma). I know what it means, but am curious if there is a list
> somewhere with these plants listed on it. Also, what criteria are used to
> determine if a particular plant is noxious or not? What ramifications does
> the noxious label have for aquatic gardeners? I have been able to get H.
> polysperma with no problems at all, for example.

   Linkname: APHIS Web -- APHIS Weed Policy
        URL: http://www.aphis.usda.gov/ppq/weeds/nwpolicy.html#B

   Noxious Weed: "Any living stage (including but not limited to, seeds
   and reproductive parts) of any parasitic or other plant of a kind, or
   subdivision*'of a kind, which is of foreign origin, is new to or not
   widely prevalent in the United States, and can directly or indirectly
   injure crops, other useful plants, livestock, or poultry or other
   interests of agriculture, including irrigation, or navigation or the
   fish or wildlife resources of the United States or the public health."
   (Federal Noxious Weed Act)

See also:

   Linkname: APHIS Web -- Noxious Weeds Home Page
        URL: http://www.aphis.usda.gov/ppq/bats/fnwsbycat-e.html

I'm sure we all have a number of plants from that list.  

The departments of agriculture of individual states may also have their own
lists.  For instance, a list of Idaho's Noxious Weeds (all terrestrial,
AFAICT) is available at. <http://agri.state.id.us/isda/animal/weedlist.htm>.

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