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European Wire colors - w/references

Blue, brown and green? This is non-USA-standard so it's hard to say for sure.

Let's use the terms "hot", "neutral" and "ground".
Hot is the narrow plug.
Neutral is the wide plug.
Ground, of course, is the third plug.

Assuming 110V:
Ground should be green or green with a yellow stripe.
Neutral should be white.
Hot is black.

The second of the two links discusses 220V also.

Blue for "neutral"
Brown for "line" (hot)
Green with a yellow stripe for "earth" (ground)
See: http://www.powerwatch.org.uk/appl.html
and: http://web.elec.qmw.ac.uk/safety/elecheck.htm

Last, this page suggests how to test to be sure:
With an ohm meter you should be able to find a connection between the 
"neutral" and the base of the lamp.  Presumably there would also be a 
connection between "ground" and the fixture body.

Hope this helps, James

James Watford
Columbia, S.C.