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About Brazil

Steve wrote:

>To Karen, Dave and the whole crew that went to Brazil
>We're dying to hear all about your trip!  Tell us everything!
>Steve Dixon--who didn't get to go on the trip, but wants to experience
>it vicariously

Where would we start?  It was absolutely awesome, from start to finish.
The plants, the animals, the food, the company, the scenery... (I could do
without Lloyd Aereo Boliviano<g>)

I am sure that within the next 6 months, you'll see a number of new
articles showing up in TAG and the big magazines by several of us covering
a number of aspects of the trip.

I will tell you that, as I suspected, the "myth" of the Amazon region's
absence of aquatic plants is just that, a myth.  We collected in _many_
heavily vegetated biotopes, and caught a good cross section of interesting
fish.  We also brought back a number of plants that show promise of being
useful in the aquarium.  Only time will tell how we do with them.

I'll also tell you that if you _ever_ have the opportunity to join a trip
like this, JUMP AT IT.  This was one of the most memorable experiences of
my life.  I have every intention of _not_ making it a once in a life time


(Who is _not_ writting this on the first, and is not joking<g>)