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Product Testing and the AGA

James wrote:

>Failing that, I wish that a body like the Aquatic Gardener's Association
>would submit samples of the major lines of aquatic plant fertilizers to
>independant analysis so that we would at least know what elements are there
>and which ones are missing or in short supply. I've floated this idea before
>but it has always been shot down (hasn't it Steve...). For anybody familiar
>with the online magazine Aquarium Frontiers, they have done such tests
>recently on the major brands of marine salt mixes. I don't see anyone suing
>them. Perhaps this is an issue that the AGA should seriously consider (or
>re-consider, as the case may be).

AGA is simply a "body" of hobbyists, run by a few harried, over extended
fellow members.<g>  We do not have the resources to become a "consumers
report" type organization, even if that was our desire.  We try to maintain
an apolitical position in the hobby, offering a forum for any who want to
do research or write about matters pertaining to aquatic gardening.  If a
MEMBER wanted to have analyses of various products done, and to write a
paper on the results, s/he would be welcome to submit that article for

"AGA" doesn't write the material published in TAG... our members (and other
knowledgeable people willing to share material with us) do that.  We have
published comparisons of various fluroescent bulbs in the past.  I'm sure
that a comparison of various trace element supplements would be happily

I agree completely with your original statement that fertilizer producers
should provide better labeling for their products.  I tend to vote with my
feet in that regard.  If we all keep pushing manufacturer's for this
information, in the end, the better ones will come through.  A few already