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need help identifying deficiency

I have noticed a problem developing in my tank. Some of my old anubia leaves
are developing little whitish yellow spots that eventually turn into small
brown rotting holes that lead to the demise of the leaf.

I have just been trimming the leaves off and letting them send up new ones,
but I'm not sure what is causing the problem and I can't seem to map it
conclusively to anything on the nutrient deficiency chart. New growth is not
impaired. All 3 varieties of anubia I keep are showing the spots to some
extent, and blooming profusely. Crypts and stem plants seem unaffected.

basic parameters:
225 gallon 720w VHO
5 dGH (4 CaCO3, 1 Mg)
2.5 dKH
pH 6.9 (CO2 regulated)
N3 2 mg/l
Fe .1

Dupla setup (heating cables, tablets, drops, etc)

Speaking of anubias, does everyone's SAEs eat all the blooms? I swear they
all sit around and wait for them to open:)

Jon Wilson