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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #946


>I was told an intersting story about this plant <Echinodorus x. "Indian
>Red">.    I was told that Florida Aquatics brought this plant into the
>states as a single cell (they could not import it any other way) and
>cultivated that single cell into the "Indian Red" version of the Amazon
>Sword Plant.     Is there anyone that can confirm or deny this story?
>They are not a cheap form of the Amazon Sword but they are quite an
>interesting variation.

	I don't know what it is or what the origin was but it is a
beautiful plant. The new leaves are a pretty dark pink (what would be
called red for most other plants) the medium old leaves are blood red and
the really old leaves are anubias green! A wonderful plant!! It seems to
have thicker leaves than most of the echinodorus and maybe it will tolerate
rougher algae eaters too. (I wouldn't risk it unless you have money to
burn!) Anyway, buy them if you find them!! For those of you in Columbus,
OH, Aquarium Adventure has them but they are $25 a piece! I am sure you can
order them from somewhere for a little less but these are some nice plants
at the store.

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