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	>I've poked through the archives, but I'm still fuzzy on what to
call the
	>little black bugs that have appeared on the surface of my tank.

> Alysoun,
	I also noticed recently what appeared to be an aphid infestation on
	planted tank. They are brown in color, about the size of a pinhead,
	jump. I believe the reason is I neglected to trim my plants, and
	began to break the water surface, thus giving the aphids a place to
	colonize. After accomplishing a water change, and plant trimming and
	scraping the side of the tank, the aphids were forced to reside on
	water surface. I then noticed the Angels attacking the aphids....
	Last week after another water change, and keeping the plants below
	the water surface, the aphids are almost gone. The Angels and other
	fish are still attacking the aphids. I'm not so sure what type they
are, or
	what ways, if any, there are to get rid of them. I also searched the
	archives and found no reference. I was not going to use any
	that is for sure. So, for now, I'll just let my tank mates deal with