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Re: Aphids

If your little bugs are very tiny and they hop (double check the colour,
maybe they are dark but not black) then you have the same things I have.
They were inadvertently introduced with a water hyacinth.  The hyacinth is
long gone, but these persist on the water sprite and duck weed.  Fish don't
eat them because they can't.  I think they are the aquatic version of fungus
midges that grow on wet potting soil.  They don't eat healthy plants or even
the eggs or fry of Gouramis, but congregate on dead or dying leaves and hop
up and down on the bubble nests.

I don't think you can get rid of them unless you dispose of all your
floaters.  Even then, if you reintroduce floating plants they'll be back
possibly because their eggs or whatever can stay dormant on the edges of the
tank at or above the water line.

Even though they seem to be a nuisance (aesthetically when you look too
closely) they are harmless.  Trying to rid yourself of them may mean that
you also may rid yourself of all your fish as well.

Maybe someone on this list has a name for these little monsters.

G. Kadar