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I have a few plants from South America but alot come the USA also.Should
we go down to Florida and find a "secret" laterite there? Many Crypts
come from S.E.Asia also and they have deep rooting systems so the Greman
Dupla folks had to be on to something. The american Echinodorus genera
also has a deep rooting system.;but which are more difficult to
cultivate? Crypts or The Swords ?I don't want to have my swords grow
faster. I would like a Bonsai horemannii sword personally.
Intresting idea but have the componets been tested in the Brasilan
laterite? Does it have something that is missing in the other's ? Isn't
Fe the main reason we put laterite in the soil ? Can't facultive
anaerobic bacteria reduce rust into useable iron ? So many
questions..........any answers? I'll look into some of these.Has anyone
asked the Dupla folks about the notions ?
Tom Barr       AGA/SFAS