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RE:Eichornia diverisfolia

I've had this plant for some time. It can be somewhat tempermental for
some plant keepers. It tends to branch at the lower portions of the stem
and this is the best way to propergate this plant.This is slow to happen
and I suspect there's some tweaking to be done to help get some better
growth out of this plant.I really don't give one species or another a
special tank of their own .I throw them in with a bunch of plants and
see if they can hold their own. The plant pearls good daily but growth
is slow IMO. Pretty plant.
The lower leaves tend to turn black unless totally good conditions
prevail. Likes a very large amount of light and room .Looks very simiar
to Heteranthera zosterfolia but much slower growing and not as ratty. I
would not recommend this plant to a beginner. Go with the H
zost.(stargrass) instead .Conditions : Ph @6.3,KH @5.5,temp@ 80 F,
Lighting has been FL and QTL's and MH's.Seem to like the MH's and the
QTL's over the FL's. 2-3mm gravel, Fe dosed etc and 25% weekly changes
etc. A few SAE's,snails and clams.
    Slow growth could be due to competion with other plants for N and
P.Hope this gives some help.
Tom Barr       AGA/SFAS