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I've poked through the archives, but I'm still fuzzy on what to call the
little black bugs that have appeared on the surface of my tank.  Aphids?

I get the impression from the archives that aphids have wings, and these
little guys don't appear to.  They look kind of like fleas.  (I had
noticed the black spots on my crispus noodles a few days ago, but
despite some aquascaping and a water change, I hadn't realized they were
bugs until today.  Pretty observant, huh?) 

Anyway, I saw lots of references in the archives to submerged colanders,
but I don't think that would work very well when the duckweed escapes,
and floats up to the surface.  I also came across an old post of Merrill
Cohen's, where he suggested placing a powerhead at the surface of the
tank.  However, I've got a flowering crispus and a flowering ozelot
sword, and they won't be pushed down by a measly little powerhead.  I
would also think that the crispus, at least, would be difficult to
completely submerse, without damaging part of the stalk.  It's got four
long shoots right now, and is taking up far more than its share of the
tank, but under and above the water.  I'll give it a shot, if there's no
better way to eradicate these darn bugs, but...

They're welcome to the duckweed, but how much damage will they do to the
spikes on the crispus and the ozelot, or any sprouts?  Or should I be
thankful, because little aphid legs will only help to pollinate my

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, Maryland