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Algae eating shrimp

	I have a couple dozen yamato numa-ebi in my tank and they seem
fairly industrious. I was looking at this web page:


And it says that in order for them to be worth while, you need 50 per 100L.
And 20 otos for the same volume. Does that seem OUTRAGEOUS to anyone else?
Here is a quote from that page:

"Keep sufficient Otocinclus and yamato numa-ebi shrimp in the aquarium from
the start to prevent algae growth. As a guide line, keep about 20
Otocinclus and 50 Yamato-numa-ebi (Caridina Japonica) to every 100 litres
of water for them to work effectively."

	I have a 180, about 700 liters - I don't think that I need 350
shrimp, or 140 otos. But, I am sure that I would not have any algae if I
did. I probably would not have any other fish too!