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Fish disease with plants and shrimp

Alok Chaudhari wrote: <<<<Fish disease with plants and shrimp
(...) I was wondering about plausible treatments for a plant tank that 
includes cardina japonica as well as numerous south american plants.
	Sort of on the same subject, I have 5 wild caught angels that 
so far have been unaffected by the ich. >>>>>>

I assume your fishes have white spots on the skin. This could be
due to Ich or velvet (Oodinium). Either one should absolutely be 
eliminated from your tanks, since they often cause subtle symptoms
but constant mortality. They are also extremely contagious, and 
spread from tank to tank through wet hands and equipment.
The best treatment is to raise the temperature to 93 deg. F for
a week, adding if necessary aeration. Some fishes may not tolerate
 this, but in my experience no treatment means just a more slow
death anyway. Most plants will take the temperature increase, but
some, for example crypts and vallisnerias may suffer. 
Unfortunately, a magic bullet that solves the problems without causing
any does not exist, and the medications recommended for Ich or velvet
very seldom provide long-lasting results, and are quite toxic too.
The shrimps may be isolated elsewhere during temperature treatment,
if you suspect they may not take it. Hopefully (but not with certainty)
they are not species attacked by these fish parasites, and they can be
returned to the tank a couple of weeks after the treatment is over.
Again, I want to stress that treatment has downsides too, and that
it is up to you to decide what is acceptable for your own situation. 

Dionigi Maladorno
dionigi.maladorno at roche_com
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